Detect data leaks, data breaches, security holes and be compliant

Scan Your SBC for Free

Experience the first and only purpose-built SBC scanner, by Assertion. The scan helps you get a complete picture of your collaboration perimeter and tests your SBC against 52 security policies around threat prevention, threat detection and cloud posture.

  • Detect data leaks: Man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping
  • Identify data breaches and get attack visibility: Threat origination, detailed analytics
  • Discover security holes: Security blind spots, threat prevention tips
  • Get comprehensive compliance reports: Adherence to PCI, ISO27001 & SOC2 standards
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Nightmares of a Compromised SBC

An SBC protects an organization’s collaboration perimeter against DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, toll frauds, snooping, service thefts etc. A simple SBC hack can cost a company $40,000. Sounds scary, right?


An SBC can get hacked in merely 20 minutes leading to severe business and reputation loss. Also, 50% of such attacks on SMEs are successful


20% of breaches in 2020 owed their presence to remote working whereas over 80% of breaches caused by hacking involved brute force


Toll frauds caused losses amounting to $28Bn in 2018 with the average cost per fraud being pegged at $40,000

Get a Holistic Security Picture

Assertion SBC security audit prevents and detects hacks. It looks at SBC configs to figure out potential avenues of attacks and analyzes logs to identify potential threats or already succeeded attacks.

Data Leak Prevention

Prevent Man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks through robust encryption and standards

Threat Prevention

Discover holes in your security configuration and get tips to fix them

Cloud Posture

Explore open sockets, their protocols and communication channel security levels

Threat Detection

Analyze logs to detect breaches, stopped attacks, their origination and signatures

Defense Optimizer

Optimize your defense based on your configurations and possible attacks

Compliance Reports

Leverage ready-to-use reports as per PCI, ISO27001 & SOC2 standards

Extensive Coverage

Cover top 5 SBC vendors representing 60% of the SBC market

Strong Expertise

Get the advantage of a robust team with 20 patents and 200+ years of experience

Security Reports

The scans are detailed, insightful and actionable. They act as a quick guide to further strengthen your SBC. On downloading the report, you get to know your risk score, get an in-depth view of threat origination, know the areas of improvement and get quick tips to fix issues.

Easy, Quick, Free Scan

Scanning is as easy as 1-2-3 and free! Scanning your SBC requires just some basic details, a couple of clicks and you will be ready to go!

Provide your email id
Email Id

Provide your email id and some basic details

Scan your system
Quick Scan

Scan your system against multiple attack vectors

Get a free summary report
Free Summary Report

Get a summary report covering 52 security policies


Happy Customers and Partners

The scan, which covers all the facets of collaboration security and gives a holistic picture of threats, is a hit with the entire community.

Partner with Us

Looking to up your customers’ security score or help them take better care of their SBCs? We would love to collaborate with you and help put a smile on your customers’ faces.

Help Your Customers Win

Multiple Options To Suit Your Varied Needs

Get a periodic security check-up of your collaboration systems to identify all the security loop holes with our starter plan. If you are looking for a more sophisticated, holistic solution, we offer a professional plan too. Take your pick!

Starter plan

  • Summary report - First 3 reports free each month, thereafter:
  • Actionable Detailed report with recommendations:

  • Security features:
    • Configuration security
    • Cloud behaviour security
    • Breach identification
    • Attack visibility
Per SBC, yearly commitment: $0per month
Start with a Free SCan

Professional plan

  • Summary report -
  • Actionable Detailed report with recommendations - Unlimited:
  • Security features:
    • Configuration security
    • Cloud behaviour security
    • Breach identification
    • Attack visibility
Per SBC, yearly commitment: $999per month
Start with a Free SCan
Security AMC is an additional service offered by partners to remediate the issues to keep your SBC in top security posture.​ ​
Other optional add-ons our partners offer include Proactive monitoring, Periodic scanning and a Customer success manager.

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