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The Myriad Benefits of Assertion’s OSP Compliance Solution

Assertion’s OSP Bot is the world’s first OSP compliance automation software ensuring that your systems are automatically checked for compliance violations through over 2000 tests. Regularly scan your PBX systems and get notifications for non-compliance and let Assertion handle your OSP paperwork and filings.

  • Automate and stay safe: Leverage regular and automatic compliance checks
  • Get compliant in minutes and stay risk free: Cover multiple geographies and varying norms
  • Get to zero-error, then stay there: Take advantage of Email and SMS-based alerts and custom configuration support
  • Enjoy hassle-free paperwork filings: Receive complete support for filings and ad-hoc requirements
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The Complexities of OSP Non-Compliance

DoT can shutter OSP operations, impose penalties, claim bank guarantees, ask for retrospective lost revenues, and cancel registration, leading to operational headaches, financial losses, loss of reputation, and business continuity impact.

Heavy Penalties

Breach of regulations can lead to penalties as well as termination of registration

Significant Losses

A failure to be compliant can mean heavy financial and reputational losses

Business Interruptions

Zero-error filing and compliance can steal away your precious time

Get the OSP Compliance Edge

Assertion OSP Bot enables you to monitor the OSP compliance of multiple voice infrastructure systems from a single window. It is an agent-less (no client software) product that periodically pulls configuration data from required voice infrastructure components.

With secure connectors to integrate with any number of products and application, OSP Bot gives you a single window view of your compliance state, with dashboards and reports. The tamper-proof historical reports also provide an evidence trail of compliance to organizational and regulatory policies.

Secure Connectors
Agent-Less Software
Tamper-Proof Reports
Acquire new customers through a free security scan

Happy Customers and Partners

Assertion’s OSP Compliance Solution, which leverages smart bots and relevant Email & SMS-based alerts, ensures errorfree, smooth compliance. Our customers give it a thumbs-up.

Work on the latest collab security technology

Leverage a Solid Solution Engagement Model

Assertion’s unparalleled expertise in the legal and procedural aspects of OSP compliance ensures correct guidance on OSP regulations, registration and licensing process. It is an industry-leading model for assessing OSP health.

  • Take advantage of Assertion’s 3-point model to assess your OSP posture –
    • Through 2000 test results, collected through OSP Bot software
    • Addition of the state of filings, registrations, and amendments
    • Usage of industry data for benchmarking.
  • Management Insights Reports: High-level view to understand your OSP posture, with key actionables and impacts highlighted
  • Administrative Reports: Remediation hints for your IT and voice Infrastructure teams to track down and fix non-compliances
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