Leaving a mark in the field of collab application security

Leaving a Mark on Collab Security

In the field of Collaboration Application Security, Assertion is creating standards & security controls for each OEM product, bots that automate these controls, and a modular platform to deliver these bots. Assertion’s solution creates layers of Defense, so your critical systems and data remain out of reach of the hacker.

  • Vision is to be the #1 in Collaboration security market and as a pioneer, establish this industry
  • Provides cloudbased scanners for collab application security
  • The scanner comes equipped with enhanced threat detection capability and covers around 15 breach, attack and data leak signatures
  • Trusted by customers and partners from around the globe

  • Regional Partners

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Backed by Experts

Assertion's offerings are backed by professionals with 200+ years of cumulative work experience and 20+ patents in the cyber security space across product, strategy and sales.

Assertion team
Pradeep Vasudev
Co-Founder, COO
Assertion team
Srinivasan Narayanan
Founder, CEO
Assertion team
Sreekanth Nemani
Product Management Director
Assertion team
Satyam Lad
Product Management Director
Assertion team
Rajesh Kanade
Head of Engineering
Assertion team
Kalyanaraman Seshadri
Praveen Rane

Our Advisors

Assertion team
Andrew Prokop
Advisor and Mentor
Assertion team
Murali Nemani
Advisor and Mentor
Assertion team
Raja Ati
Advisor and Mentor
Vinoth Venkatesan
Honorary Advisor

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