Detect data leaks, data breaches, security holes and be compliant

Scan your Collab Applications in Real Time

Get a head start in the collab security game with a holistic, complete scan. The scan helps you be a step ahead of attackers and hackers through live monitors which give relevant alerts in real time. Save money, retain customers and protect your sensitive data through Assertion's CollabSecure offering which tests your systems against 52 security policies.

  • Detect data leaks in real time: Man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping
  • Identify threats as they occur: Threat origination, detailed analytics
  • Monitor live configurations: Make relevant changes and incorporate updates to move to more robust security
  • Get comprehensive compliance reports: Adherence to PCI, ISO27001 & SOC2 standards
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Holistic Security for Your Collaboration Applications

Cover a wide range of collaboration applications right from your communication perimeter all the way to complex systems like contact centers. You also get access to a wide variety of integration families

Perimeter Security

Application security for your Session Border Controllers aka voice firewall, a perimeter device which protects an organization’s collaboration perimeter.

Integrations: Audiocodes, Oracle, Avaya, Cisco and Ribbon SBCs

UC Security

All unified communication applications used for employee-employee communication. These apps enable calling, meetings, chat, screen share and other collaboration.

Integrations: Avaya Aura stack, Microsoft Skype for Business, Verint Financial Compliance, Zoom meetings*, Microsoft Teams*

*CS Cloud-only

Automated CX Security

Applications that provide self-service capabilities to external or internal customers. Typically used in internal helpdesk or external facing call centers (aka contact centers).

Integrations: Avaya Experience Portal

Assisted CX Security

Applications that allow agents to service external or internal customers. Typically used in internal helpdesk or external facing call centers (aka contact centers).

Integrations: Avaya CC-Elite, Avaya CMS, Verint Financial Compliance, Avaya Contact Recorder

Myriad Levels of Security Coverage Available

Collaboration Security entails multiple levels of coverage right from the basic security features, which help you understand past attacks and prevent future ones, to the very advanced level which encompasses predicting threats and attacks so relevant defenses can be made ready.

Preventive Security

Tick all the basic security hygiene boxes through Threat Prevention with consistent coverage and Continuous Control Monitoring across all your applications, in one place

Predictive Security

Leverage enhanced security visibility and detect suspicious activity. Also predict when an attack will happen and get tips to fortify the defenses to secure the system from the attacks.

Total Security

Detect data leaks and get notified when an important configuration is changed. Analyze user behavior to identify repeat offenders, track forensic leads and identify training areas

Leverage Rich Features From The World of Collab Security

Get complete security for your collaboration applications through robust threat detection and prevention capabilities. A deep dive into analytics and our team of smart data leak detectors will ensure that your applications are always on top of the security game.

Threat Prevention (Preventive)
Cloud Posture (Preventive)
Threat Detection (Predictive)
Defense Optimizer (Predictive)
Attack Predictor (Predictive)
Data Leak Detector (Total)
User Behavior Analytics (Total)
Config Drift
Compliance Reports (Add-On)
SIEM Connector